automate your back office

As a small business owner, on any given day, you have to schedule appointments, reply to e-mails, process invoices, track tasks and deadlines and much, much more! To help you juggle all these requirements while providing quality services to your clients, you need to look at your business and determine what you can automate. Answer these questions:

* Have you forgotten to follow up with an existing client and missed an opportunity to continue your working relationship?

* Have you missed out on business opportunities because you can’t find a good time to meet with a potential new client?

* Have you missed a meeting because you wrote it on a post it note but it wasn’t on your calendar?

* How much time have you spent looking for contact information to make a phone call or send an e-mail?

* How many opportunities have you missed because you forget to follow through on a new lead?


A 3-Hour Strategy Session is the perfect solution for you! I will help you:

* Automate appointment setting and sync it with your calendar

* Save time by qualify new leads prior to consultations

* Automate your e-mail inbox

* Monitor your brand online

* And much more…

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