how to document business process

Five Tips for Documenting Your Business Process

Processes, yes you need them documented! In my previous article you can discover Four Reasons Every Small Business Needs Process Documentation. Whether you operate a small business without employees or with just a few, writing down your most necessary procedures will prove to be beneficial. When you have a documented, formal process, it’s easier to maintain […]

process documentation

Four Reasons Your Small Business Needs Process Documentation

EVERY small business needs process documentation, especially if you are a solopreneur. I know you don’t think you have the time or resources to do this. You are not alone but it must be done! Documented procedures are essential to running a successful business and especially for growing a small business. Here are four reasons you need […]

automate your workflow

Automate Your Workflow for Business Growth

If you have not taken time to automate your workflow as a business owner, you are losing time and we all know that time is money. I know that you need to answer e-mails, schedule and attend meetings, make phone calls, and you have a ton of tasks to track; but many of these repetitive tasks […]

enjoy vacation as an entrepreneur

How to Take a Vacation From Your Small Business

It’s time for you to plan to enjoy family vacation! You can’t anticipate and prep for every possible scenario while you’re away, but you can start laying the groundwork to make your getaway as smooth as possible for everyone involved by following these tips: 1. Prepare Your Clients Be sure to let your clients know […]

Time Management Concept

BundlePost Is My Social Media Superhero

About two years ago I launched my business as a virtual assistant not realizing that things would evolve and I would emerge as a social media consultant after all was said and done. That being said, I found myself spending countless hours to find content to share not just for my account but for my […]

why use email templates

Use Canned Emails To Be More Productive

Do you find yourself sending the same e-mail response over and over again? If you answered yes to that question, consider using canned e-mail templates. Canned responses are basically an e-mail template that you create in advance and you copy and paste it into an email with a few clicks. Just like canned goods, these […]