Spring Networking Means New Connections

As spring weather arrives, like me, you’re probably planning to attend several networking events if you haven’t already started to do so.  Are you doing all you can after these events to establish relationships with new connections?  What do you do with the collection of business cards you end up with after networking events?  You […]


Top Three LinkedIn Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

LinkedIn isn’t just for securing a new job, it’s a great platform for making professional connections for your business!  Last year I wrote an article about how to Be Professional On LinkedIn.  Despite the number of articles on best practices that you can find on the internet, I continue to see the same mistakes being […]

Be Professional on LinkedIn

Most of us recognize LinkedIn is the social platform used to make professional connections.  These connections can be former school mates, workmates, fellow business owners and people we meet in various walks of our professional lives.  So just how can you use LinkedIn professionally? Send a Custom Message for a Quicker Response Sending a custom […]