How to use Twitter lists

If your small business has a Twitter profile (and your target audience is on Twitter) but you aren’t using Twitter lists, then you’re not being as productive as you could be.

Are you wondering what a Twitter list is? Simply put, it’s an organized group of Twitter users that allows you to efficiently manage your feed. There are two ways you can utilize this feature; you can subscribe to a list created by another user, or you can create your own. When you create your own lists, you can easily follow the tweets of specific groups of users that you’ve organized. So it’s time you stop feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds or thousands of accounts you follow! Here a few ways you can use Twitter Lists to organize the people AND the conversations you follow to save you some time.

1. Industry Influencers

How many “experts” in your industry do you follow to keep in the know? Create a list and use it to keep up with industry trends and retweet them to start building a relationship. This will help you cut through the noise in your feed and give you the vital industry information you should be considering daily.

2. Your Clients (make it private)

Keep up with what your clients are sharing. This will give you insight into their industry, what they are doing and their interests so that you can tailor your services to their needs (hint, hint). The great thing is you can keep anonymity by setting the list to private.

3. Your Competition (make it private)

Keep tabs on those who do what you do with this list. If you notice they are getting more engagement, or not, this list will give you that insight in one feed. This can also help you determine whether you need to add, modify or discontinue a service or product based on demand.

4. Potential Clients (make it private)

This list is the people you want to do business with. This organized group will give you insight into their interests and possibly their pain points in business. It will also enable you to engage with them on a regular basis and make it easy to follow up with them periodically without having to search for them individually.

5. People You Meet at Events

When you attend conferences, meetings and events, you should interact with attendees on Twitter for networking purposes before and after. They’ll love that you added them to a list (they get a notification), and it’s a chance to keep interacting once the event is over so that you can build a relationship.

6. Helpful Resources

These lists can include vendors, customers, or someone in your industry that you are comfortable recommending. Make a list of these accounts to periodically show support and send a targeted message. The idea is to become a resource for others and they will follow your lists.

How can Twitter lists help you grow your network?

A. You can see who subscribes to your lists. That let’s you know what your audience finds interesting on social media.

B. You can see who has added you to a list. This let’s you know the type of audience that likes what you are sharing on social media.

C. You can subscribe to other people’s lists. This allows you to follow and track lists that other people have taken the time to curate which is quick access to more information you can share.

D. Listing someone doesn’t count against your following numbers. So you can keep your ratio of followers to following equal.

If you need help finding great Twitter lists, start with this post by Post Planner called 101 Best Twitter Lists. If you want to use Twitter lists but don’t have the time to get them set-up, feel free to delegate this task to me! Click here to delegate this task and free up your time!

What types of categories do you have for your Twitter lists? How do you use Twitter lists for better engagement? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

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