It’s hard to have the freedom you want and the flexibility you imagined having when you started your small business because your business has taken over your life. Would you like to get a taste of the strategic genius a Business Systems Therapist can bring to your business without you having to commit to a full system overhaul?

This 45 minute call is designed to help you get clarity on what needs to change in your operations and a few of the tools you need to implement. We’ll identify what is/is not working, identify what’s holding you back, and create a plan that will help you get back your freedom and flexibility so you can grow! 



It ‘s easy to put off a project when no one but you knows your vision, your goals, or your plan. If you REALLY want to launch that webinar, online challenge or whatever it is you have planned, then let’s do it! 

You make the goal and create the plan and I’ll make sure you make it happen. I’ll check in with you every Monday for three months and you will identify one specific step you want to take. I’ll check in with you every Friday to make sure you have accomplished that step. This will help you create the habit of consistently moving forward each and every week while building the momentum you need to finish the project and reach your goal. To get started, click below to schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call. 

$185 per month (3 months)


Before you can streamline, you need to identify the breach in your operations (what is working and what isn’t working). Then you can focus on developing and implementing the system that will allow you to focus on what you NEED TO DO to grow your business and what you WANT TO DO with the rest of your time.

After this 2.5 – 3 hour deep dive (in person – limited radius or via Zoom) into your operations, you will have the clarity you need to start systemizing your business. You’ll have a clear action plan and receive two accountability calls to make sure you’re streamlining like we talked about during our session.