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It’s time for you to plan to enjoy family vacation! You can’t anticipate and prep for every possible scenario while you’re away, but you can start laying the groundwork to make your getaway as smooth as possible for everyone involved by following these tips:

1. Prepare Your Clients

Be sure to let your clients know you will be away and how they can contact you in case of emergency. Also be sure to set an automatic e-mail response telling people that you’re out of town and when you’ll return. If you have a virtual assistant, introduce them to your virtual assistant and let your clients know nothing will fall through the cracks while you are away.

2. Manage Your Schedule

Mark your vacation dates on your calendar and don’t schedule any major meetings or events right before or immediately after your vacation dates. This will keep you from being overwhelmed directly before or after your vacation. This will also keep you from working through your vacation.

3. Hire Some Help Ahead of Time

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, be sure to do it now. Hiring one right before your vacation will just stress you both out because time is needed to learn the ins-and-outs of your business. Consider handing off a few tasks in advance like e-mail management, social media management or calendar management. This will allow you to experience the quality of the virtual assistant’s work and get comfortable leaving your business in their hands while you’re away.

4. Document Your “In Case of Emergency” Plan

Whether you have a staff member as your point of contact or if you have a virtual assistant as your point of contact while you are away, be sure you have clear instructions as to what is an “emergency” situation that merits you being contacted. Be sure to include your hotel phone number, cell phone number, e-mail address or another way you can be contacted. That way you can relax while on vacation because you know everything is fine unless you get a call or e-mail.

5. Schedule Limited Work Time

If you’re like me you can’t completely get away from the office. So set a designated time to do tasks like checking e-mail, responding to text messages and making a FEW phone calls. My suggestion is the end of the day so you can resolve any pressing issues and get a good night’s sleep.

6. Relax on Family Vacation!

Taking a break from running a small business can help you to clear your head and give you a fresh perspective. You also need to step away and enjoy a family vacation where you actually relax. Make relaxation a priority and have your family members or friends you’re traveling with hold you accountable. Follow these tips and your time away from your business should run smoothly.

take a vacation from running a small business

How do you plan for family vacation as a small business owner? Do you take similar steps or do you have a few to add to the list? Please feel free to share in your comments below!

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